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About Outlet.

OUTLET was developed in 2013 and started in 2014 by Katrina Rathbone and Leslie Spear who were passionate about creating a place for adults to take weekly classes and rehearse without having to travel to the city.

Outlet offers technique classes in a variety of styles for dancers whose schedule, age, or budget does not allow them to sign up for regular studio classes.  The weekly classes are geared towards moderate to advanced level dancers (perfect for dancers looking to "get back in to dance" or looking to "keep up with technique").  Unlike studio classes, the dance style & instructor changes week to week and dancers are able to perform in multiple styles of choreography while only committing to one weekly rehearsal!

The OUTLET dance company is made of up 3 branches:  Outlet NORTH, SOUTH & WEST (new!).

The North branch meets on Wednesdays (8:00 - 10:00pm) in Schaumburg, West meets on Tuesdays (8:00 - 10:00pm) in Bartlett, and South meets on Sundays (5:30 - 7:30pm) in Westmont.  While the branches rehearse separately they all come together for a collaborative performance at the end of the season.  The addition of our branches was created to open up more opportunities for dancers looking to be a part of the company, as well as a chance for our current members to take more classes, work with new artists... or just dance more each week!


What really makes OUTLET different from other companies is the opportunities offered to all members.

Outlet creates a place for all members to dance, but also to take on different roles as a choreographer, technique instructor, or rehearsal assistant.  There are also opportunities pursue other artistic outlets such as photography, costumes,  fundraising, marketing, etc.  This is great for young professionals looking for experience or to set choreography on a company as well as for artists who have been away from the dance world too long and need to get back to it!

Girls' night out

We take dancing seriously, but we also make sure to have fun!  Outlet plans multiple social events throughout the season including holiday get-togethers, karaoke nights, concerts, fundraisers, and other group activities.

We work very hard to create and maintain a positive environment for our dancers to feel comfortable and confident in their dancing.  Social events are never mandatory, but highly encouraged!


Each branch only meets once a week for 2 hours for class or rehearsal - which means our dancers are able to maintain 9-5 full time jobs AND dance with the company!


All of members are eligible to submit choreography to set a piece on the company for the annual concert performance.  This opportunity is a great way for our dancers to build a professional portfolio or try out new ideas.


We offer different weekly classes and bring in guest instructors to give our members a variety of training and performance opportunities throughout our season.


Members of the company get a complimentary photoshoot for new headshots and dance photos, as well as complimentary photos & videos of their performance(s).

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