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Auditioning For Outlet Dance Company

We can't tell you how many times we have heard dancers say, "Outlet is something I'm really interested in being a part of, but I'm too nervous to audition." ...We also can't tell you how many times we've heard our company members say, "I'm so grateful I DID audition!"

The Outlet Dance Company is made up of a variety of dancers with different backgrounds, ages, skills, weaknesses, etc. We can guarantee you, whether this is your first audition post college or your first audition after years away from the dance world... you will not be alone! Also, we believe in allowing everyone to participate in the full audition, so dancers can just focus on dancing without the worry of being asked to leave in the middle.

Wondering what the audition process is like? Keep reading!


We ask dancers who are planning to audition to fill out our online registration form which gives us an idea of how many dancers to expect as well as a quick snapshot of everyone's dance background: AUDITION FORM


Please bring a water bottle. As far as "what to wear" we don't have any set requirements; Just wear clothing that allows you to move freely and feel comfortable and confident during the audition. Layers are always a good idea - just make sure your audition number can be seen clearly throughout the audition. It is also recommended to bring any dance footwear you have (for your own preference), but none will be required.

We do recommend any new dancers auditioning to bring a printed dance resume with a more detailed history of your dance training and achievements.


AUDITION DATE: Oct 21st, 2023 | 5:00pm - 8:00pm

STUDIO: Expression Dance Studio | 25 S Cass Ave, Westmont, IL



Plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to the audition start time to check-in. All dancers need to sign our liability form in order to participate. Audition numbers will be given out upon arrival. In lieu of collecting headshots, we will snap a quick photo of each dancer with their audition number to be used only for our reference.


Dancers should begin to stretch on their own as soon as they're checked in. Please use the time before we get started to introduce yourself and chat with the other dancers. We will begin by introducing the company and the Audition Panel. We know this can be intimidating, but try to remember it is all just part of the audition process.

Phase A: Warm Up & Technique

We will begin with a warm-up and in-center / across-the-floor technique phrases. These combinations will range from simple to challenging.

Phase B & C: Jazz & Contemporary Combinations

Everyone will learn a short combination, have time to review, and then be called in to perform for the audition panel in groups of 5-6 dancers. After the last group we will call back any numbers we would like to see again. (Groups will be called in order of the audition numbers.) Dancers will come back together again to learn a second combination for round II.


Throughout phrase B & C, the panel may ask to see another group or individual(s) back again. We call dancers back for a variety of reasons: It could be because you were in one of the first groups and want to give you another chance after having more time to practice. It might be that you were hidden behind another dancer or didn't have enough room to perform the combination. We might also want to get an idea of how dancers from different groups perform together. Whether you are called back or not - it should not be taken negatively.

Photos / Videos:

A photo with your audition number will be taken during check in. These photos, along with any videos taken during auditions, are for internal use of the directors. There will also be a camera set up for one of our Artistic Directors who will be attending the auditions via live-stream.


The executive board will attempt to make final decisions within 48 hours from the audition. No matter what the decision is, we will reach out to every dancer who participated to let them know the result.


Tentative Season Start: Jan 3rd, 2024

2024 Concert Performances: Aug 17th + 18th


If you are still deciding whether to audition because you're worried about not "being good enough", "being out of practice" or maybe just feeling "out of shape", we encourage you NOT to let it stop you from showing up! This company is so much more than just dance! Don't take it from us... take it from dancers who have been where you are now:

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